The   Tale   of   Sasquatch

The Ohio Grasssman
The Ohio Grassman is a local Ohioan nickname given to the creature that is part of the bigger phenomen of Saquatch and/or Bigfoot. Multiple sightings reported around Akron, Ohio gave birth to the name although sighting go as far back as the Native Americans who inhabited the area before settlers. Sightings round Kenmore, Ohio led to another localized nickname of the Kenmore Grassman. Further south in Ohio the creature is known by the name Holla. This is believed to be a creature that is both ape-like and man-like in appearance as well as being a bi-pedal creature.


According to witnesses the following can be attributed to the creature:

Physical Characteristics:

  • Range from 5 to 7 feet in height
  • Covered in longer, shaggy, unkept body hair
  • Some are reportedly brown haired while others are all white or silver in color
  • Eyes are large in size and are brown as well as red
  • Palms do not have hair
  • Barrel chested
  • Hugely wide shoulders
  • Very long arms
  • Resembles a gorilla but larger and stands more upright
  • Large head and almost or no neck
  • Pointed or cone shaped head
  • Eyes are deep set
  • Weight has been estimated from under 300 lbs all the way up to 1000+ lbs
  • Alleged footprints range from 9 inches in length up to 20+ inches
  • Has a stench of rotten eggs


  • Growling
  • Screaming and/or shrieking
  • Barking
  • Grunting
  • Heavy breathing


  • Throws rocks of all sizes
  • Knocking noises (described as wood being banged against a tree)
  • Seen multiple times in the open, usually in corn fields
  • Has been spotted chasing deer as well as dogs
  • Family groups have been seen, up to 5 members
  • Dome structures have been found believed to be made by sasquatch


  • Some have been from a creature with 3 toes
  • Dermal ridges have been identified on castings of footprints
  • Some prints have claw like markings



  • Woods Child
  • Holayela
  • Hairy Stinka Boo
  • Crying Beast


First Record of the Creature:                

  • Article: Fight with a Wild Man
  • Date: January 1869
  • Publisher: Hillsdale Standard, Hillsdale Michigan / Minnesota Weekly Record
  • Where: Gallipogis, Ohio

Gallipolis [Ohio] is excited over a wild man, who is reported to haunt the woods near that city. He goes naked, is covered with hair, is gigantic in height, and "his eyes start from their sockets." A carriage, containing a man and daughter, was attacked by him a few days ago. He is said to have bounded at the father, catch- ing him in a grip like that of a vice, hurling him to the earth, falling on him and endeavoring to bite and to scratch like a wild animal. The struggle was long and fearful, rolling and wallowing in the deep mud, have suffocated, sometimes beneath his adversary, whose burning and maniac eyes glared into his own with murderous and savage intensity. Just as he was about to become exhausted from his exertions, his daughter, taking courage at the imminent danger of her parent, snatched up a rock and hurling it at the head of her father's would be murderer, was fortunate enough to put an end to the struggle by striking him somewhere about the ear. The creature was not stunned, but feeling unequal to further exertion, slowly got up and retired into the neighboring copse that skirted the road.

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